Proper Pipe Laying for an Irrigation System

Proper irrigation and sprinkler systems are vital for supplying and maintaining good hydration to crops and livestock. North Canterbury can be extremely dry through the summer months, but you can minimise its effects with a good irrigation system.

Pipe Laying the Right Way

At SRBC, we’ve perfected a fast and effective technique for laying pipes across your property, with minimal disruption to surface land. Traditional excavation using a digger is slow and messy, and the finished trench tends to subside as the soil settles, creating a stumbling hazard for animals. Our tractor mounted pipe-laying system gets the job done in a quarter of the time, and you’ll barely know we were there. It starts with a cutting wheel that cuts the topsoil. Then, a single leg ripper opens the ground down to 600mm, providing an easy entry for the pipe feed through the rear leg. The depth of this channel is adjustable according to the terrain and your irrigation requirements. When a pipe run is complete, the cut is compacted down by the tractor wheel.

Why put irrigation pipe underground? Above-ground pipes are much more prone to damage from animal hooves or farm implements.

Flexible Systems

We can lay pipe up to 60mm OD—perfect for putting toughs into paddocks or running a water feed out to a drip line irrigation system or sprinkler setup. An emerging trend in irrigation and livestock management is creating smaller, adaptable paddocks. These mini-paddocks are created with moveable electric fencing and temporary troughs or water tanks that are connected to your farm’s pipe network. There are many benefits of this approach—restricting livestock to sections of your paddock gives the remaining pasture time to recover. Relocatable water troughs help reduce the muddy, barren trails created when animals walk the same track every day.

Portable Irrigation

We can also install a relocatable K-Line pod-based sprinkler system for you—ideal for small farms and lifestyle blocks. This system allows you to locate pods across your pasture or field, all connected by heavy duty, UV resistant polyethylene pipe. The beauty of this system is that it provides irrigation like soft rain, avoiding the flooding and washing away of nutrients of standard irrigation. You can easily relocate these pods as required.

Crop Irrigation

Whether its viticulture, fruit or vegetable production—there are many irrigation options available for horticultural applications, including driplines, fixed and micro sprinklers. Laying your central pipework below ground helps protect it from damage due to machinery or vandalism. Frost protection is essential here in North Canterbury, and a professional post-mounted sprinkler system will protect your valuable crop.

Forward Planning

Setting up a water supply network on your property should be one of your priorities when establishing a new farming or horticultural business. Often this work coincides with the need to upgrade or replace existing fencing. SBRC provide both fencing and irrigation services and can offer a cost-effective solution to all your rural contracting needs.

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